Tuesday, January 25, 2011

29 Dec 2010 - Farewell Sabah

Good time doesn't last and we're heading for home. We proceed to the airport after a simple buffet breakfast at the hotel. Nothing fancyful but I guess it's not a fair comparison after getting pampered at the resort. As per my estimation, my check-in luggage was just 200 grams shy of 25kg! So glad we're doing a group check in. Phew! After checking in, many of us go crazy with souvenir t-shirts. Haha.. I wonder why we all love buying and wearing dive related t-shirts on a dive trip. It's not as if the rest doesn't know we're divers. Regardless, I too have gotten a few pieces for myself. :p

Our flight goes to KL for a transit at the LCCT (Ha! What a mouthful. Low cost carrier terminal! Maybe it sounds better than just budget terminal?). Transit time was much longer on our return flight so we managed to head to the canteen for lunch. The nice thing about the terminal is the availability of free wifi (1 hr). Got a little delay for our flight so it's more shopping for me. So glad to spot the Reese's peanut butter chocolate! Tried it once previously and couldn't find it anywhere so I quickly grabbed two packs. If anyone saw it for sale at any supermarket in Singapore, please let me know. I'm addicted! :p

Again I had a close call with excess carry on luggage when the person in front was pulled over to have his smaller bag weighed. Phew..

And that's the end of the trip. Nothing much to "report" for this final day of the trip but perhaps just a little recollection. Overall, I'll say it's a wonderful trip for me, a first time visitor to Sipadan. I came prepared with the mindset that the visibility may be crap and the weather may not hold up. The visibility was indeed pretty bad on some dives but still within expectation but I certainly have a bonus with the weather which was just great! There was a couple of disappointment, particularly with the no show of the videographer which we've booked in advance, or the much reduced sightings or even absence of some marine creatures. But still I saw most of what I've hope to see, even for just a fleeting moment. The swirling barracudas definitely takes the cake and will stay in my memory for a long long time to come. Honestly, I think 3+ days on the resort is just too short to fully enjoy the place. There's still many more dive sites that we haven't explored and many more things that I wanted try but doesn't have enough time to do so.  Apart from the diving, I was hoping to do some snorkelling around the crystal clear water just around the resort, to kayak around the resort and to just simply chill at the sandbank to enjoy the breeze and sunset. Rates at Kapalai is among the higher end among the resorts around Sipadan area but it's worth the experience. I just feel so cut off from the world and the environment is just so peaceful and relaxing. I enjoyed even the simple act of just walking along the boardwalk around the resort, being surrounded by water and the large number of starfish. Kapalai, a truly wonderful place to relax and recharge.

As a parting note, I just found out about some shark fining activity going on around Sipadan area. If you could spare a second, please help to sign the following petition for the Malaysia authorities to take action before it's all too late. The link to the petition can be found at  I've put up my petition (see below), I hope you can show your support too. Thank you.

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