Monday, January 24, 2011

28 Dec 2010 - Murphy comes visiting at Mabul

It was our last day at the beautiful resort on Kapalai. Having missed the sunrise the last few days on the resort, there's no way I'm going to let this last chance slips. Still, I woke up later than I wanted. Very quickly, I grabbed the camera and got out of the room. I was late! The light was already slowly creeping up on the horizon. Without much time to scout for a good location, I just settle on a spot and start shooting. Phew. There's barely enough time to squeeze in a timelapse of the sunrise. The haste was evident in the timelapse video which was quite jerky at the start as I was manually triggering the camera by hand while setting up the intervalometer. :p

Sunrise at Sipadan-Kapalai Resort - Sabah, Malaysia

Sunrise at Sipadan-Kapalai Resort - Sabah, Malaysia

Early morning at Sipadan-Kapalai Resort - Sabah, Malaysia

Helipad in the early morning at Sipadan-Kapalai Resort - Sabah, Malaysia

As there's still some time before breakfast, we managed to spend some time for some final shots around the resort. By now, we got quite used to the usual routine. Breakfast around 7.30am at the dining hall before gathering at the dive centre for our dives. As we're checking out after lunch, we could only have two dives in the morning. The first dive was back to Mabul island and that's when Murphy struck! Honestly, that was among best dive this trip besides the sipadan dives. But anything that can go wrong, will go wrong! The whole fiasco made me quite upset with myself for that silly little mistake. Due to time constraint, our second dive was at Kapalai just around the resort (house number 5).

It was quite a rush after the dive. The dive centre takes care of rinsing our dive gear and sending it back to our room. Speaking of efficiency! It wasn't long after we reached back at our room before the crew turn up with our gear. Fortunately for us, there was a good breeze with the sun out in full glory. Thus we can lay our wet dive gear out to dry in the sun before we head out for a quick lunch. Surprisingly when we got back, our gear were almost dry. The gear could easily adds a couple of kg in baggage if left wet. The crew promptly swing by to pick up our luggages. Taking a last look, I reluctantly leave the room and heads towards the jetty. The speedboat is already waiting for us. After a quick goodbye with our two DMs (Lito & Yvonne), we got onto the boat. When we arrived back at Semporna jetty, it was starting to drizzle a little. We have been so fortunate! The night before we came over to Kapalai, it was raining so heavily at Semporna and the weatherman warned of rain and thunderstorm over the next few day. But it was all well and sunny the entire duration when we're there.

We have a quick pitstop at the resort office on Semporna before taking the hour long van ride to Belmont Marco Polo Hotel in Tawau. It was already late afternoon by the time we arrived at the hotel. Had a little rest before everyone heads out for some seafood dinner. I heard seafood was cheap and nice there but I can't comment on the quality since I'm a vegetarian. But the veggies and tofu was really nice I think, especially the special "homemade" tofu. So smooth and tasty. Just splendid! Some of them stayed on for a drink while I retired back to the hotel for an early rest. All the late nights and early mornings is taking its toll and I'm getting tired.

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