This is a personal travelogue to document and share my journey both above and below the sea. My interest in this area started off with photography which begins some time ago when I was still a poor student. Armed with various loaned auto and manual film cameras, I started my journey.

In the early days, the photography were limited to nearby locations except when travelling on school or work trips. My favourites when out traveling were primarily on nature and landscape. My love for nature got me started in diving a couple of years back and I got hooked almost immediately. However due to time and budget constrain, the land and underwater exploration had to stop until recently when I started to get more active again in diving.

Most of the time the "stories" and photos from each trip got lost in various medium. At times when asked about the previous trips, I've difficulty providing the details. For this reason, I thought it might be a good idea to archive some of the stories and photos in the form of a blog. Apart from documenting the future trips, I'll also slowly add in previous trips to the best of my memory for archival.

While the blog will serve as a travel diary for my memories, I hope it will also be useful for anyone who might have the slightest interest in the places I've visited. Thank you all for dropping by.