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27 Dec 2010 - Last night on Kapalai

It was a beautiful morning here at Kapalai. Nice morning to sleep in except for the natural alarm clock provided by the numerous gossiping herons outside the resorts. I bet they're boasting to each other about the size of their catches for their breakfast. As there's still some time before our breakfast, I couldn't resist getting out to the balcony to get my hands on some shots of our noisy neighbours while they're having their fish party.

Got a little too engrossed with the birds photography that I've forgotten the time. Very quickly, we head out to the dining hall for our breakfast, which again was quite a spread. For some reason, I love the fried bee hoon and the breads which was warm and moist inside.  It's hard not to gain weight here! Fortunately I was out late so I didn't have the luxury of time to stuff myself silly with all the yummy food.

Silhouette of a passing heron from my balcony at Sipadan-Kapalai Resort - Sabah, Malaysia

Passing heron from my balcony at Sipadan-Kapalai Resort - Sabah, Malaysia

Next stop is to the dive centre after the breakfast where we get changed into our wetsuit before getting onto the boat. For non Sipadan diving days, the standard schedule appears to be 2 boat dives in the morning, followed by 1 boat dive after lunch. Thereafter you're free to do unlimited housereef dive if you're in the mood. All you need to do is to put your name up on a board with the expected time of your dive and your gear will be prepared. After you're done from your housereef dive, just erased your name so they know you're back. This looks like a wonderful arrangement that seems to work pretty  well to handle the fair amount of guests (it's the peak Christmas season) while we're there.

The morning dives for this morning is to Si Amil island and Danawan island which is located slightly further away than Mabul and Sipadan. Just like the dives at Sipadan, the resort have another boat to bring us some tea and snacks while we rest at the island during our surface interval. Lunch is back at Kapalai and it's off to the nearer Mabul island for our third dive. And finally we end the day with an additional night dive at the housereef.

There's still some time before dinner so we head back to the room for a washup. Being our last night on the resort, I didn't want to waste any opportunities and thus set up my camera for another star trail shoot on the balcony before I head out for diner.

Startrails from my balcony at Sipadan-Kapalai Resort - Sabah, Malaysia

During diner, the video captured for today's group at Sipadan was put up for viewing. That really got a number of us really disappointed given the no show the day before. We didn't stay too long after dinner as we need to get our stuffs packed for our departure the next day. Back at the room, I was busy switching task between packing my stuffs, preparing the camera and underwater housing for the next day and doing various shoots. Naturally, I'm not a good multitasker and that resulted in a stupid blunder which comes back to haunt me the next day.

The water below the balcony for each room is beautifully lit and you may get to see some fishes and stuffs getting around or even the occasional turtle too. Being curious about what might pass by, I quickly set up the camera to point at the sea below our balcony for some timelapse shots. Looks like it's a quiet night with just one lone fish around throughout the shot.

Planned to set up for a final star trail shot before heading to bed but the sky wasn't cooperating with clouds aplenty in the sky. Not giving up, I just go ahead to aim the camera towards the horizon for some timelapse of the cloud and water movement. Surprisingly, the results came out pretty well. The time lapse video below comprises of 402 shots captured from 23:57 to 03:53, and compressed into the 1:20 mins video. Quite a busy scene with many stuffs occuring. At times, you see fishes (those streak of lights in the water) swimming by. The changing water surface.. The clouds rolling in and thunder flashing. And at the top, you can even see some stars moving at spots where it's not covered by clouds. But you probably need to open it up in youtube and view it fullscreen in HD mode to see the stars though. See if you like it too. :)

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